Are you a drinker with a running problem? So are we!  Join us at the annual Brewery To Brewery Run, sponsored by the Brewery & Pub Races, and held each year to support a charity that we feel is worth getting behind, but which doesn't necessarily get the attention it deserves.


How The Event Works
The Brewery To Brewery Run can be described as somewhat of a "run sandwich", with a run taking place in between two beer sessions (aka the bread slices) at local breweries. Since the run is a point-to-point affair, runners will park their vehicles at the 2nd brewery and ride a shuttle bus to the 1st brewery, where the event will then begin. This year's participating breweries are Glenmere Brewing Company (Florida, NY) and Rushing Duck Brewing Company (Chester, NY).



Registering for the event is absolutely free, as this is a totally informal event. We only ask that you bring a $25 cash donation with you on race day, the vast majority of which will go directly to the charity (we'll use a small portion of it to offset shuttle busing costs).  
Note:  Beers at both breweries are on a "cash bar" basis, so bring a cash pouch with you to Glenmere.


What You Get
In addition to the run, you'll also get a commemorative event t-shirt. 

Beer session #1 starts at 10:00am at Glenmere Brewing Company. There, you will have an hour to prime yourself for the run.  At 11:00am, we'll assemble for the traditional group picture, and then head off on the 7.2-mile run to Rushing Duck Brewing Company, where you will partake in beer session #2.
For most runners, a shuttle bus will take you from Rushing Duck to the run start at Glenmere. The bus will leave Rushing Duck at 9:45am, so please arrive by no later than 9:30am to ensure you don't miss it.

Location:  1 Battiato Lane, Chester NY   GPS Location

Limited parking will be available in front of the brewery building (perhaps 10 spots). Once that lot is full, parking will need to be found elswhere nearby. Secondary parking can be found at the municipal lot at Howland and Center Streets, about 2 blocks away, and also in the white spaces along Main St. Please, do not park in the trailhead lot of the Heritage Trail or in front of the Chester Historical Society (the depot building), as these spaces should be reserved for general day users of the trail. 


Run Course
The run is 7.2 miles, beginning at Glenmere and ending at Rushing Duck. The course will be marked primarily with engineers tape, but may include an occasional paint arrow as confirmation at any or all turns. The route is designed so as to include as little running on the main state highways as possible. Please practice safe running protocol throughout your run.
Route Map:
Turn-by-turn Cue Sheet: click HERE

Option 1. If you so choose, you can skip the shuttle bus from Rushing Duck and run to Glenmere instead. There are more direct routes to get you there than running the course backwards, but we'll leave that to you to figure out. Whatever route you take, please run SAFELY.
Option 2. If 7.2 miles is too far for your level of fitness, you're welcome to participate with one or more others as a team, where one drives the car and another runs, switching runners and drivers as frequently as needed.

Option 3.  Have a friend or family member drop you off at Glenmere at 10:00am, and then meet you later at Rushing Duck


This year's beneficiary of event proceeds is the Orange County Soil and Water Conservation District, a 501(c)6 organization who engages in watershed management, flood control, riparian planting, agricultural conservation, and numerous other activities that support the efforts and goals of the "Black Dirt" farmers in the region.






Limited to 60 participants !