About the Brewery & Pub Race Series

The Brewery & Pub  Races are a family of running events in the Hudson Valley designed to celebrate the local beer and brewing industry, while at the same time promoting a fit lifestyle. In each of our decidedly low-key events, pub racers will revel in the sweat and tears of a spirited competition, and then enjoy the post-race rewards offered by the host beer establishment.

How It Works

The purpose of the series is to foster participation, as we at the Brewery & Pub Races take a "more the merrier" approach to this wonderful thing we call running.

Although some of the races are more conventional in nature, many will be low key, placing more emphasis on the running and the beer, and less on competitive awards. Our motto: Bling is good, but beer is better!

Thanks in advance for your interest and your participation in this great race series.  So get out there and train hard, and then get ready to get "hopped up" on the race circuit.  See you at the pub!

~ Todd



Todd Jennings
Series Director

    "Tapping into the community one runner at a time."